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But once he gets it he will love to spoil you rotten. Mars in Gemini: Can you keep up with all the clever twists and turns of his cunning mind as he works out how to get you where he wants you? If he goes quiet he is serious.

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Saturn in Gemini: He may feel uncool in witty or intellectual company, but when he needs to speak from the heart he will do so beautifully. Mars in Cancer: He wants you to be like his mother in every respect. He expects to be pampered and cuddled, is easily hurt, and quite moody.

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But he understands your feelings, too, and can usually cook well. Saturn in Cancer: He is not very good with feelings or telling you that he loves you. He will show it in other ways if you give him a chance.

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Mars in Leo: Larger than life in all respects, he loves passion, action, grand gestures, and lots of romance. He also loves drama and being the center of attention. Saturn in Leo: He pretends to shun the limelight, but finds other ways to get attention.


You can cut out a lot of embarrassment by making him feel special. Mars in Virgo: He loves health and nature and all things organic and natural, including you. Saturn in Virgo: He will pester you to take your vitamins and exercise. Mars in Libra: This is Mr. Nice Guy — maybe too nice.

Pisces Venus in Pisces: Love should be a perfect blend of an intuitive, spiritual bond and romance; likes nonjudgmental, creative people who think and communicate in imaginative ways; attracts love by being infinitely compassionate and seeing the best in people; flirts by developing and acknowledging a special connection; wants empathy, kindness, and sensitivity in relationships; dreamy kisses that cause tingles, foot massages, bubble baths, and mind-altering substances or practices are aphrodisiacs. Reproduction of this page in any form is not allowed without permission of the author and the owner of this site.

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You may not modify, copy, reproduce, republish, upload, post, transmit or distribute, in any manner, the material on this web site. Unless permissions is granted. Mars is most at home in the fire signs, Aries, Leo and Sagittarius. These individuals are extremely passionate and will want to take the initiative sexually.

Passion and sexual impulse can quickly turn to anger for these people, however, and temper needs to be controlled if a relationship of any kind is to flourish.

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Mars also functions well in the earth signs when it comes to sexual astrology. Compatibility for Mars in Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn individuals is all about sensuality. Slow lovemaking is a speciality of the Mars in earth sign person, and these people certainly know how to tantalise! A steady sex drive is present, but care needs to be taken as the relationship progresses to avoid the sex life becoming boring and repetitive. For people with Mars in an air sign, sex is as much an intellectual as a physical act.

With vivid imaginations, those with Mars in Gemini, Libra or Aquarius are often into pornography or role play. Sexual astrology compatibility with an air sign Mars requires an open mind and a lot of patience, because the thought and idea of sex can be more fun for this playful lot than the actual experience.